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Bio-medical Engineering

Revolutionizing Healthcare through Engineering Innovations.

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Bio-Medical Engineering

Biomedical Engineering is the amalgamation of engineering approaches and medical procedures to provide the solution for healthcare. Biomedical Engineering is a discipline that advances knowledge in engineering, biology, and biology so it essentially involves collaborating with doctors and medical researchers to develop medical equipment’s and devices.

To develop an excellent biomedical engineers with strong technical knowledge to promote human health care through nuances of research and education

M1: Imparting the knowledge of engineering and life sciences to enlighten the path of students for the development of innovative biomedical products.

M2: Establishing good Industry-Institute Interaction for education, training, research and development.

M3: Providing quality education through active Learning methodologies.

Lab Facilities

Diagnostic  & Therapeutic Equipment Laboratory 

Fundamentals of Electronic Devices  & Circuits Laboratory 

Sensors & Measurements Laboratory 

Object Oriented Programming Laboratory 

Biomedical Instrumentation Laboratory 

Embedded systems & IOMT Laboratory 

Human Anatomy & Physiology Laboratory 

Electronic Devices & Circuits Laboratory

Integrated Circuits Laboratory 

Digital Signal Processing Laboratory 


Analog & Digital Integrated Laboratory

Verticals offered

  • Vertical I : Bio Engineering.
  • Vertical II : Medical Device Innovation and Development
  • Vertical III : Management (Healthcare)
  • Vertical IV : Mechanics
  • Vertical V : Signal and Image Processing
  • Vertical VI : Communication
  • Vertical VII : Advanced Healthcare Devices

Faculty Details

Name D.O.J Designation Qualification
Dr. Geetha K
M.Tech., Ph.D.
Dr. Nisi K
Associate Professor
M.E., Ph.D.,
Dr.Jeyakkannan N
Associate Professor
M.Tech., Ph.D.
MS. Sarah Ruby Christina
Assistant Professor
Mr. Arun Kumar N
Assistant Professor
Ms. Soundharya C
Assistant Professor
Mr.Jimry H
Assistant Professor
Mr.Karthick LS
Assistant Professor
Dr.Ajay P
Assistant Professor
M.E., Ph.D.,

Faculty Publications

S.No Title of the paper Author/s name Name of the journal Year
1 Algorithm for computer assisted cancer detectionesture Recognition for Dance Movements Athiraja M Drug and cell therapies in cell hematology 2021-2022
2 Hand Gesture Recognition for Dance Movements Janaranjani V International Journal of innovative research in technology 2021-2022
3 Survey on identify the agricultural disease using image processing and soft computingtechniques Athiraja M Journal of agriculture science 2021-2022
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