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Rathinam Technical Campus Placement 2023-2024: Shattering Records with 58 LPA High

A New Era of Opportunities Unfolds

The academic year 2023-2024 at Rathinam Technical Campus is currently marking a significant era in our placement history. With the ongoing participation of 55 diverse companies, we are actively establishing our institution as a crucial talent hub for various industry sectors. This year, our students are seizing unparalleled opportunities to commence their professional journeys with some of the industry’s most prestigious organizations.

A Panoramic View of Achievements

Diverse Corporate Participation: Currently, our campus is being visited by 55 companies, reinforcing Rathinam Technical Campus’s position as a desirable recruiting hub.

On-Campus and Off-Campus Dynamics: Impressively, 50 companies are conducting their recruitment drives on our campus, while 5 are offering opportunities through off-campus placements.

Peak in Salary Offers: The highest salary package being offered is an impressive 58 LPA, continuously underscoring the deep respect for our students’ capabilities and potential.

Ongoing Competitive Salaries: The average salary package is consistently around 5 LPA, demonstrating the ongoing competitive edge of our graduates.

Placement Success Stories in Progress: Numerous students are actively securing their placements, a testament to the ongoing strength of our academic programs.


Dr.Madan.A.Sendhil, Chairman of Rathinam Group said “The 2023-2024 placement season at Rathinam Technical Campus has set a new benchmark of excellence. With 55 top companies recruiting from our campus and the highest package reaching 58 LPA, we’ve shown our strength as a leading educational institution. This success is a testament to our robust academic programs and the hard work of our students and faculty. As we celebrate these achievements, we remain committed to fostering innovation and excellence through our Centre of Excellence, preparing our students to be leaders in their respective fields. We look forward to continuing this legacy of success in the years ahead.”

Continuous Industry-Specific Breakdown

IT Sector Ascendancy: A significant 75% of the companies currently participating are from the IT and IT services sector, constantly reaffirming our campus as a hub for technological expertise.

Innovation in Product Development: With 15% of the companies involved in product development, there is an ongoing emphasis on the innovative and creative aspects of our curriculum.

Core Industry Representation: The remaining 10% of the companies are from core industries, reflecting our commitment to a comprehensive educational approach that is in line with diverse sectoral needs.

The 2023-2024 placement season at Rathinam Technical Campus is not just about the remarkable numbers we are witnessing; it is a phase where diverse and substantial opportunities are being continuously harnessed by our students. As we keep celebrating these milestones, we are also dynamically setting higher objectives, aiming to extend this legacy of excellence and success into the future.

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