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Instructions to the Candidates

attend the test by following these exam instructions !

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Instructions for Candidates to Attend Examinations

  1. Candidates should bring their own pens, pencils, and permitted materials. Borrowing from others is not allowed.
  2. Use only blue or black ink/ball pen, except for drawing diagrams/charts.
  3. Only permitted tools, calculators, and approved tables/data books are allowed. No other materials or gadgets, including cell phones, are permitted.
  4. Verify the question paper by cross-checking the subject code and title before answering. Return irrelevant question papers to the Hall Supervisor immediately.
  5. Candidates should not ask any queries or seek clarification regarding the question paper during the exam.
  6. Candidates should remain seated during the examination and should not move unless necessary. Drinking water and approved materials will be provided at their place.
  7. Rough work should be done only in the space provided in the answer-book. No separate rough work answer-book will be provided.
  8. Candidates should not possess or refer to forbidden materials or seek/obtain assistance from any person/source.
  9. Candidates should not reveal their identity or engage in any form of canvassing in the answer-book.
  10. Writing irrelevant information, internal assessment marks, or making appeals to the examiner in the answer-book is considered a case of malpractice.
  11. Candidates should not detach or take away any sheet/material from the examination hall. No irrelevant material/sheet should be left inside the answer-script.
  12. Candidates should report to the Hall Supervisor if they find any forbidden materials/writings in their vicinity.
  13. Violation of examination rules may result in penalties, ranging from fines to permanent debarment.
  14. Read the displayed posters containing information on violations and recommended punishments.
  15. Personal messages will not be delivered to candidates until they complete the examination.
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